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Discover: Welcome

Elevate Church is all about Jesus and all about transformation. If you are checking out Elevate for the first time, we want you to know we’ve been expecting you. We are committed to creating great environments for you, both in person and here at

We are passionate about creating irresistible ways to experience relationship with God and others. We do real, we disdain pretense … at Elevate there’s no perfect people allowed!

Our Live Experiences offer relevant messages, engaging worship, and legal stimulants (in the form of freshly roasted specialty coffee).

Our Elevate Kids environments are safe, fun, and led by people who consider it a privilege to invest in the lives of children. We also have great environments for high school students.

We invite you to join your story to ours and look forward to having you connect with us at Elevate!

Mark Pomery
Senior Leader

Location & Time

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Live Experience > Sundays 10 – 11am
Elevate Kids check in available from 9.45am