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Discover: Our Code

Our Code sets the tone for how we get things done. Our Mission is our Why, Our Code is woven through our How.

We don’t recruit volunteers, we release leaders

Jesus primarily invested in his twelve disciples, releasing them to ministry roles. Volunteers get a task done – leaders reproduce themselves and multiply impact and effectiveness. A Leader’s responsibility is to equip team members not recruit volunteers.

We embrace change and lead innovation

We never accept or become comfortable with the status quo, but are always thinking of ways to change processes, perspectives, and opinions for the better. Without change, we can’t continue to lead. There is always room for improvement and we always feel a sense of urgency when making those improvements. We strive to set and exceed our own high standards for getting more done with the same or even fewer resources than before.

We always bring our best

In all areas of our life we present our best, including our giving of time, our giving of money, our approach to our roles, our words, and our attitude.

We are contributors not consumers

Our personal preferences take second place. The church doesn’t exist for us – we are the church and we exist for the world. We invest our time and money to see our mission fulfilled.

We build a positive team and family spirit

We want to build not just a church, but a family. Team Members take initiative when they notice issues and collaborate with their Team to address them. Beyond that, we watch out for each other. We work together and play together. We have a positive and faith-filled attitude which inspires everyone around us.

We build trust through open and honest communication

Our commitment to clarity when interacting with others leads to strong relationships built on trust and faith. We use these strong relationships to accomplish so much more than we could otherwise. We always act with integrity, are compassionate and loyal, and are good listeners. We wear our big boy pants and trust goggles.

We pursue growth and learning

We stretch ourselves. We never allow ourselves to get stuck in a rut. We know there is more potential in us than we realise. We’ll never ‘get it right’, but that’s the challenge we gladly accept. The only way we can solve new problems is by learning and growing to meet them head-on.

We view everything as an experiment

We are bold without being reckless. We are not afraid to fail, because after all, that’s often the best way to learn. We take risks and learn from them as a team and use them to make better decisions in the future. We don’t accept ‘that’ll never work’ or ‘that’s never been done before’ as reasons not to try something. Could be God’s calling us to be the first. We will always prioritise doing the right thing over doing things right.

We take God seriously and don’t take ourselves seriously

We have a sense of humour; we know that it’s good to laugh at yourself every once in a while. Following Jesus shouldn’t be synonymous with drudgery; we can find fun even when the rubber meets the road and we’re getting lots done. Being fun requires being a little innovative, and we are always looking for a chance to fully engage in our mission and bring out the fun side of it.

We prioritise outsiders over insiders

We intentionally remove barriers, such as ‘Christianese’, in jokes, and worship styles, that exclude outsiders from understanding the message being communicated. We are intentional in including outsiders and look at church from the other side of the counter. We direct our resources with outsiders as our first priority.

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I’m part of the Media Team. I enjoy making my behind the scenes contribution to what happens throughout our environments. I’m Scott … and I am Elevate Church.
- Scott Downie